Be kind to your mind” Badge


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Embrace positivity and mental wellness with our ‘Be kind to your mind’ badge. Crafted meticulously from durable metal with a safety pin behind, this badge is a charming addition to your collection. Its pastel pink hue and glossy finish exude a subtle yet impactful style statement.
Measuring 2×2 cm and weighing 50 grams, this lightweight badge is delicately sized to adorn any accessory. Its compact design makes it versatile for placement on bags, jackets, or even lanyards. The pack includes a single badge, allowing you to carry a gentle reminder of the importance of mental well-being wherever you go.
Designed not only as an accessory but as a conversation starter, this badge encapsulates the essence of self-care and kindness toward mental health. It’s a perfect gift or personal accessory for those who value the beauty of a positive mindset.
Add a touch of positivity and advocacy for mental health awareness to your ensemble with our ‘Be kind to your mind’ badge, a subtle yet powerful statement in support of mental wellness.


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