“Mental Health Matters” Badge


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Introducing our “Mental Health” Badge – a poignant symbol designed to advocate for mental well-being and awareness.
Crafted from durable metal, this badge features a safety pin behind for secure attachment. Its striking blue color and glossy finish exude a vibrant appeal, catching attention while emphasizing the badge’s message.
Measuring a compact 2×2 cm and weighing 50 gms, this badge offers a subtle yet impactful way to convey support for mental health initiatives. Sold as a pack of 1, it stands as a solitary reminder or can be combined with other badges for a personalized statement.
Perfect for psychology advocates, mental health professionals, or anyone passionate about mental well-being, this badge serves as both a conversation starter and a meaningful adornment. Pin it onto bags, jackets, or lanyards to express solidarity and spread awareness about mental health in a stylish and understated manner.


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