“It’s okay to not be okay” Bookmark


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Designed to offer encouragement and support, our “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” bookmark is a thoughtful companion for your reading journey. Crafted with care from durable paperback material, this white-colored bookmark measures 2×6 cm and weighs a mere 0.5 gms, ensuring a lightweight and convenient addition to your books.

Perfect for avid readers, students, and those embracing the complexities of mental health, this bookmark serves as a gentle reminder that it’s alright to navigate life’s challenges. Its compact size fits snugly within your favorite books, offering a touch of encouragement whenever you reach for a reading escape.

Each pack contains one carefully crafted bookmark, featuring a minimalist design that blends seamlessly into any book while adding a touch of personality and positivity to your literary adventures.

Embrace the message and keep your place in style with our “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” bookmark, designed to inspire and uplift during your reading moments.


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