It’s okay to be different” Bookmark


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Designed for book enthusiasts and individuals embracing uniqueness, our “It is okay to be different” Bookmark is a delightful addition to your reading experience. Crafted on high-quality paperback, this beige-colored bookmark measures 2×6 cm, offering a lightweight and portable design at just 0.5 grams.

Embodying a message of acceptance and individuality, this singular bookmark encourages celebrating diversity in the world of literature. Its minimalist yet impactful design serves as a constant reminder that embracing differences is a beautiful aspect of life.

Perfectly sized to fit your favorite books, journals, or textbooks, this pack of one bookmark is both durable and visually appealing. Its precision-crafted construction ensures resilience, promising to accompany you through countless reading adventures without compromising on style.

Add a touch of personality and positivity to your reading routine with our “It is okay to be different” Bookmark, celebrating uniqueness one page at a time.


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